Alter Grimace Society: Free Mint For AGS Finance IDO Participants

Alter Grimace Society
3 min readApr 29, 2022


We are happy to announce a very special giveaway event for AGS Finance IDO. We will be giving away FREE ALTER GRIMACE NFT to a selected few participants of the AGS Finance IDO!

We will be organising a NFT raffle, 50 Alter Grimace NFT will be raffled away to the participants of AGS Finance IDO. The more you commit the higher the chance of you winning one or more Alter Grimace NFT!

Requirements To Participate In This GiveAway Raffle:

The more you commit into AGS Finance IDO, the more tickets you have, which means the chances of you winning the NFT raffle is higher.

Some Things To Note:

  • ✅50 Alter Grimace NFT To Be Given Away
  • ✅There Can Be Repeat Winners

Eg. Participant A commits 10,000 USDC during the IDO, he/she will have 100 tickets. Everytime he/she wins the raffle, one ticket will be taken away from him/her. He/she can win as many times as possible up till 50 Alter Grimace NFT has been raffled away.

  • ✅Exclusive raffle for those who committed USDC during the AGS Finance IDO

What’s So Special About Alter Grimace NFT

Launchpad Exclusive Access ( Free Token Claims )

Holders who own an Alter Grimace NFT will be able to claim tokens from projects that are launching on AGS Finance Launchpad.

Here’s how it works:

For Every IFO/IDO that happens on AGS Finance’s Launchpad, a portion of the tokens will be allocated for Alter Grimace NFT holders. Once the launchpad sale ends, holders who own an Alter Grimace NFT will be able to claim the tokens allocated.

For example, AGS is launching a lending platform on the AGS Finance Launchpad, 10% of the tokens available for sale on the AGS Finance Launchpad will be allocated to the Alter Grimace NFT holders to claim once the launchpad sale is over.

Essentially, holding an Alter Grimace NFT gives you exclusive access to many new projects that will be launching on Astar Network for free!

Farming Boost

Holders of Alter Grimace NFT will be able to increase their farming power when they stake their NFT on AGS Finance farms. A total of a maximum 10% boost will be given to each farm, with each NFT carrying a 1% extra boost.

What This Means:

Let’s say for example you farming with USDC-USDT LP on AGS Finance, which is yielding you 30% APR. You decide to stake 5 Alter Grimace NFTs, giving you 5% extra farming power, your current APR will be 31.5% based on the formula below.

30% * 5/100 = 31.5%

A max of 10% boost will be given per farm!

NFT Staking

Besides staking your NFT for boosted farming, holders of the Alter Grimace NFT will be able to stake their NFT to yield farm rewards on AGS Finance as well.

On top of that, there will be an option to stake to earn our partner tokens as well. As we continue to grow and make more partnerships on Astar Network, we will distribute partner tokens to Alter Grimace NFT holders!

Alter Grimace Society NFT Details

Now that we have covered all the exciting stuff to come, I bet all of you are wondering, when launch, what price, what supply? Slow your horses’ guys, there’s plenty of Alter Grimace NFT for everyone…

Total Supply: 4,888
Whitelist Spots: 500
Price: TBA
Whitelist Price: TBA
Mint Date: TBA

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Alter Grimace Society

Alter Grimace Society is a NFT/DeFi protocol on Astar Network.