Alter Grimace Society (AGS): Creating A DeFi Ecosystem On Astar Network

Introducing Alter Grimace Society

What Does Alter Grimace Mean?

Sneak Peek Of Our Art Work

AGS ( Defi Ecosystem )

Now, this is the exciting part about this whole project, the team behind AGS will be building a DeFi Ecosystem over on Astar Network. The first product launched in this ecosystem will of course be Alter Grimace Society NFT collection, followed by a DEX. AGS Finance will become the hub of all users on Astar Network.

Products Planned For Launched ( In Sequence )

  • Alter Grimace Society ( NFT Collection )
  • AGS Finance ( Decentralized Exchange & Launchpad )
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Lending
  • P2E Game
  • Other DeFi Products ( Algo Stable Coins, Dao, etc. )

AGS Finance ( Decentralized Exchange )

AGS Finance Features:

  • Farming With LP
  • Staking
  • Low Fees
  • Protocol Owned Liquidity
  • Early Access To New Projects

A new article will be made to cover AGS Finance and its unique features very soon!

What’s The Benefit Of Having Alter Grimace NFT?

There are many benefits that come with owning an Alter Grimace NFT! We are not a cash grab, where NFTs simply just become worthless after minting. We will be building a DeFi Ecosystem around the AGS brand, here are some things you can expect if you own an Alter Grimace NFT:

Launchpad Exclusive Access ( Free Token Claims )

Here’s how it works:

For Every IFO/IDO that happens on AGS Finance’s Launchpad, a portion of the tokens will be allocated for Alter Grimace NFT holders. Once the launchpad sale ends, holders who own an Alter Grimace NFT will be able to claim the tokens allocated.

For example, AGS is launching a lending platform on the AGS Finance Launchpad, 10% of the tokens available for sale on the AGS Finance Launchpad will be allocated to the Alter Grimace NFT holders to claim once the launchpad sale is over.

Essentially, holding an Alter Grimace NFT gives you exclusive access to many new projects that will be launching on Astar Network for free!

Farming Boost

What This Means:

Let’s say for example you farming with USDC-USDT LP on AGS Finance, which is yielding you 30% APR. You decide to stake 3 Alter Grimace NFTs, giving you 3% extra farming power, your current APR will be 30.9% based on the formula below.

30% * 3/100 = 30.9%

A max of 3% boost will be given per farm!

NFT Staking

On top of that, there will be an option to stake to earn our partner tokens as well. As we continue to grow and make more partnerships on Astar Network, we will distribute partner tokens to Alter Grimace NFT holders!

Alter Grimace Society NFT Details

Total Supply: 4,888
Whitelist Spots: 500
Price: TBA
Whitelist Price: TBA
Mint Date: TBA

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Alter Grimace Society

Alter Grimace Society


Alter Grimace Society is a NFT/DeFi protocol on Astar Network.