AGS Finance: Biggest Giveaway Campaign

Alter Grimace Society
3 min readApr 26, 2022


AGS Finance will be organizing its biggest giveaway campaign yet! Alter Grimace NFT to be given away & $AGS airdrops starting from 26 April 2022 to 3 May 2022😱

  • 200,000 $AGS To Be Given Away
  • 50 Free Alter Grimace NFTs To Be Given Away
  • 500 Whitelist Spots To Be Filled

4 Giveaway Campaigns:

Social Media

  • Open To All
  • $AGS Airdrop & Alter Grimace NFT Whitelist Spots

Early Liquidity Providers

  • Open To All
  • $AGS Airdrop


  • Limited To Those Who Contribute During IDO
  • 50 Free Alter Grimace NFT To Be Won


  • Open To All
  • Alter Grimace NFT Whitelist Spots

Social Media ( AGS Airdrop )

To celebrate the launch of AGS Finance and also in anticipation of the $AGS IDO on 29th April 2022, 3pm UTC. We will be doing a social media airdrop campaign!

100,000 $AGS To Be Airdropped

Starting from 27th April 2022 to 11th May 2022, the Social Media AGS Airdrop campaign will be open to all to participate. Click Here to participate in this AGS Airdrop campaign.

This is part of our marketing effort to increase our social media followings!

Early Liquidity Providers ( AGS Airdrop )

To incentivize liquidity on AGS Finance before farming starts, we will reward users who add liquidity on AGS Finance with $AGS tokens airdropped into their wallet!

100,000 $AGS To Be Airdropped

Starting from 27th April 2022 to 2nd May 2022, simply provide liquidity for the following pairs on AGS Finance to qualify for the $AGS airdrop!

  • USDC-USDT (35,000 $AGS)
  • ASTR-USDC (35,000 $AGS)
  • ASTR-USDT (10,000 $AGS )
  • ASTR-WBTC (10,000 $AGS)
  • ASTR-WETH (10,000 $AGS)

A snapshot will be taken randomly on 2nd May 2022, LP TOKENS HAS TO BE IN YOUR WALLET IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR AIRDROP.

How Your $AGS Airdrop Allocation Is Counted

Your $AGS airdrop allocation is counted based on your percentage ownership of that liquidity pair and that liquidity pair $AGS allocation.

Each liquidity pair has it’s own $AGS allocation, stated above☝

For Example:
You provided liquidity for the ASTR-USDC liquidity pair, you own 20% of that liquidity pair. This would mean your $AGS allocation is 20% of 35,000 $AGS, resulting in a 7,000 $AGS airdrop.

The more liquidity you provide the more $AGS you will be airdropped!🔥


We will be doing a special giveaway to those who committed their tokens during our upcoming $AGS IDO happening on 29th April 2022. The top 50 wallets who contributed the most during the $AGS IDO will be rewarded with 1 Free Alter Grimace NFT.

$AGS IDO Free NFT Details

Start Date: 29th April 2022, 3 pm UTC
End Date: 1st May 2022, 3 pm UTC
Number Of Free NFTs: 50 Alter Grimace NFT
Eligibility: Top 50 Wallets Who Commited Tokens During IDO

Learn More About The $AGS IDO


We will be organizing more partnership giveaways in the coming weeks, happening mainly on twitter. Alter Grimace NFT Whitelist spots will be given out during this partnership giveaways!

How To Participate:

👉Follow Our Twitter Accounts @AGSFinace_ & @AlterGrimace

👉Wait for new partnership giveaways to be announced

👉Follow steps in the giveaway tweet



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