AGS Finance: 79,100 USDC Raised, Updated Emissions & Tokenomics

Alter Grimace Society
2 min readMay 3, 2022


Firstly, the thank everyone who participated in AGS Finance IDO, thanks to you guys, we were able to raise 79,100 USDC, for us to add liquidity to the $AGS token and also further the development of the project!🙏❤️

We have more amazing developments on the way, as we strive to establish ourselves as the #1 DeFi ecosystem on Astar Network.

IDO Funds Usage

$AGS Liquidity


65,000 USDC / 1,083,333 $AGS


16,250 USDC / 812,500 AGS

350,000 ASTR / 270,833.333 AGS

Audit & Developments


14,000 USDC

These funds will be used by the team for audits and also for developing new dApps such as our upcoming NFT Marketplace

Updated Emissions

We have decided to improve and update our emissions schedule to provide a sustainable but attractive APR. This updated emission schedule would also protect investors who participated in the AGS Finance IDO, by preventing huge dumps from non native farmers.

Updated Emission Schedule

AGS Per Block:

50 $AGS →12.5 $AGS

Emission Runway:

3.5 Years →13 Years

Multiplier Allocation:


110X → 120X


55X → 50X

Native Rewards Vs Non-Native Rewards

80% of the $AGS rewards goes to native farmers ( $AGS pools / $AGS related LP farms). 20% of $AGS rewards goes to non-native farmers ( LP farms not related to AGS ).

Updated Tokenomics

After completing our IDO on AGS Finance, we decided to revise the tokenomics of the $AGS token! We believe that this revision will help us provide high and consistent APRs for all farmers on AGS Finance.

Tokenomics Changes

Circulating Supply ( Before Farming )

~ 2,400,000 $AGS

Farm Emissions

~ 12.5 $AGS Per Block

~ 2,700,000 $AGS Per Month

~ 32,850,000 $AGS Per Year



Alter Grimace Society

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